If you are installing Citrix and the BigHand client for the first time, please see the section below titled "Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Citrix and BigHand Client Installation". If you already have Citrix installed ON YOUR HOME COMPUTER and want to update to the latest BigHand Drivers, please follow these directions. Do not install this on your work computer.

  • Click this link: BigHandPlugin.exe
  • If you wish to install the Citrix and the BigHand client on your home computer please print out these directions. Do not install this on your work computer. These instructions are only for computers running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. If you are running on an Apple Mac please see the instructions at the end of this page.

    If you need further assistance, please e-mail the helpdesk.

    Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Citrix and BigHand Client Installation

    1. Click this link: CitrixWithBigHand.exe
    2. You will get a prompt to Run, Save or Cancel. Please click on Save:
    3. You will be asked where you want to save the file. Save it to your Desktop:
    4. You should see a box like the one below. It will take a few minutes to download:
    5. When the download finishes, you should have the CitrixWithBigHand file on your desktop:
    6. Save your work, close all programs including your web browser.
    7. Double click on the CitrixWithBigHand file and follow the on screen instructions.

    Mac Installation

    If you have an Apple Mac, there is not currently a BigHand client available however you can still run Citrix.

    1. Click on the Mac Citrix Client
    2. Leave "Save to disk" and press OK
    3. At the window for Citrix Presentation Server OS X, double click on the Citrix ICA client icon in the middle of the page.
    4. At the next window, the Introduction window, click "Continue"
    5. Click "Continue" again at the software license
    6. Click "Agree"
    7. At Select A Destination make sure destination folder is pointing to Applications and click "Continue"
    8. Click "Install"
    9. If it prompts for a password, put in user's password, then click "Continue"
    10. If you receive a warning from the system regarding Safari Browser, click "OK" to change the system setting now
    11. When the installation has completed, click "Close".
    12. At this moment you can now close all of the previous open windows.
    13. From the Menu select "GO", then "Applications"
    14. Find "Citrix ICA Client" folder
    15. Double click on "Citrix ICA Client Editor"
    16. Select "Published Application"
    17. Select "Default Settings"
    18. In Network Protocol select "TCP/IP"
    19. In Encryption Level select "128 bit" - DO NOT SELECT "128 bit for Login Only"
    20. Click Add to add the following servers:
    21. Add server - then OK
    22. Add server - then OK
    23. Add server - then OK
    24. Add server - then OK
    25. Add server - then OK
    26. Click Firewalls
    27. Check "Use alternate address for firewall connection"
    28. Click "OK"
    29. Select "Save"
    30. Under Connect To type in "New Remote"
    31. Under the Window Tab, in window size uncheck Use Default
    32. Select Full Screen under Size
    33. Click "Save"
    34. Select Save As "E&D Remote"
    35. Where - select Desktop
    36. Click Save
    37. Close the open windows
    38. Delete Zip file on Desktop